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techniques is my life

Highest quality, sustainability and reliance is my priority.

My experience derives from both a professional study within the field of CNC cutting technique and, prior to that, from an emotional connection to the world of technique since I was a child, especially all sorts of digitally programmed machine tools. I have practically learned it from the scratch. And finally, in 2008, I started running my own business – SchueberCNC.

Not only have I gained lots of experience technically and within sales throughout the years, I am also capable and trained of conducting programming (coding). If requested by my customers, I am also more than willing to help with professional trainings – some sort of all-round service.

Good service, sustainability and close contact to my customers are very important to me – it creates trust and finally builds a faithful relationship, which is essential in sales.

Have a look at my product portfolio – I am looking forward to getting in contact with you.

"Werkzeugkauf ist Vertrauenssache"

Tobias Schüber
professional self-employed
sales representative for precision tools 


Based in the German part of the international border triangle of Germany, France and Switzerland, a region full of potential and economic power, I am able to access a very strong producing economy, which is literally predestined for selling precision tools.